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Tel: 0191 445 2474

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Am I still an NHS Patient?

Yes, you will be recognised as an NHS patient.

Who will perform my operation?

The service is consultant led. Your consultant will see you at your outpatient consultation and perform your surgical procedure (should one be clinically required).

I will be staying overnight after my operation. Will I be admitted to a normal ward?

Yes, you will be admitted to the appropriate ward at The Peter Smith NHS Surgery Centre (formerly the North East NHS Surgery Centre).

Who will let my GP know what has happened to me?
The Tyneside Surgical Services administration team is responsible for ensuring your GP or any other relevant health care professional receives prompt information regarding your episode of care.

Are there any car parking facilities?
Yes, the main car park is situated at the front of the hospital when entering Gate A. This is a pay and display car park.

What are the visiting times?
Visiting times are usually between 2.30 – 5pm & 6 – 8pm every day. You can view the specific visiting times here or contact the administration team on 0191 445 2474 for details.

Is it mixed accommodation at The Peter Smith Surgery Centre (formerly the North East NHS Surgery Centre)?
No, each patient has their own private single room with ensuite facilities.