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All patients seeking private health care will still need a referral letter from their GP to the consultant of choice (unless you are seeking cosmetic treatments).

We currently see private patients who are able to self-pay for their treatment or through specific schemes. The costs of care are dependent on the diagnostics or treatment required. The cost of the initial outpatient consultation is likely to range from £150 – £220. You will be informed of the cost prior to booking. Should onward care be required then all related consultant and hospital costs will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Should you wish to discuss a cosmetic treatment or procedure we can advise and direct you to an appropriately qualified and experienced plastic surgeon with a specialist interest in that field.

A number of our consultants offer both NHS and private care. Please do contact David Stoker, Service Manager on 0191 445 5526/ 0191 445 2474 or email if you wish to discuss the options available.