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Foot and ankle surgery focuses on the bones, joints and cartilage in the ankle, the foot and toes.

Including conditions that affect the foot and ankle and may require treatment such as arthritis, injury and trauma, fractures, sports injuries, and congenital deformities.

The foot and ankle surgery team at Tyneside Surgical Services have a special focus in the following procedures:

  • Total toe/ toe joint replacement – to relieve pain caused by arthritis and deformities of the toe, either from trauma or a congenital condition by replacing the toe or joint in the toe
  • Ankle arthroscopy – a key hole surgical procedure that uses a thin-fibre optic camera to diagnose and treat conditions such as arthritis, cartilage damage, ligament injuries and loose bodies
  • Excision of lumps including ganglions – the removal of a benign fluid-filled cyst that is causing pain or limiting mobility if non-invasive treatments have been ineffective
  • Straightening of toes – a surgical procedure to correct deformities of the toes by realigning the bones, joints and surrounding tissues

Like other orthopaedic specialties, our consultants are trained in and used minimally invasive techniques where appropriate to improve surgery outcomes by minimising infection and reducing recovery time.