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Your spine is the centre of your body, helping to keep your body aligned.

A spinal injury or condition can limit your mobility, and our spinal surgeons work to restore flexibility and movement while minimising pain.

Spinal surgery focuses on all areas of the neck and back. Our specialists treat conditions of the cervical spine, lumbar spine, and coccyx.

Common conditions of the spine that our spinal surgeons treat are:

  • Lumbar Decompression – surgery to minimise pain and numbness in the legs by removing part of the vertebrae through an incision in the spine
  • Lumbar Microdiscectomy – surgery that removes a herniated disc to eliminate pain
  • Cervical Fusion – surgery that joins bones in the neck to provide stability to the upper spine and prevent further injury

Where appropriate, our consultants conduct these procedures using minimally invasive techniques to minimise risk of infection and reduce recovery time.